“An Christian fantasy that hooks you in from the first page and leaves you craving more.”

Pikasho Deka, Readers Favorite

Footnail Book 1 Genesis Awakens

Genesis Awakens - Book 1

She’s just found the most powerful relic in history – and she’ll need all the help she can get to protect it.

Reeling from the death of her grandfather, young and ordinary Gen returns home from University to mourn. But it’s very odd that her family doesn’t seem to be grieving, and that no one will tell her the truth behind his death. When an accidental brush against a nail in his workshop suddenly floods her with visions of an ancient time, Gen learns that she’s not so ordinary after all.

As it happens, the nail she touched was one of three that were used in the crucifixion 2,000 years ago. It has been anointed with a supernatural gift. And in turn, has unveiled Gen’s magical abilities. . .and her true destiny.

She’s not alone, but she’s in mortal danger.

Because a group of condemned souls have sinister plans to unite the nails. And their path of damnation leads right to Gen.

Will she be able to harness her true powers in time?

Or, is history about to be rewritten – with apocalyptic consequences?

It’s up to one woman to recover the lost nails of the crucifix and restore ultimate good in this action/adventure fantasy with historical roots.

Praise for Genesis Awakens

"Everything about this book was enjoyable. It's well-paced, has great characters and character development and it's exciting through and through. I'm not even religious but I was hooked on this the second I started reading and am very much looking forward to more. If you love magic, adventure, religion, and excitement - you'll be a fan of this!" - Kierah, Amazon Reviewer

Forging the Sword - Book 2

The Devil has many faces – which one can they trust?

Fresh from battle with the accursed, Gen can’t believe they’ve survived. And although she’s blinded, she can now see better than she ever did before. Luckily, her companions have been upgraded with magical powers of their own. Because it’s clear that their mission is far from over.

When Gen receives her next vision, she and the team must hastily split up – to prevent an assassination by the Devils’ foot soldiers, and to locate the the last piece of an untapped weapon.

But neither is prepared for the trap that’s been set. Nor the bloodbath coursing their way.

And only time will tell who makes it out alive.

Old friends and unexpected allies must join forces to face off with their strongest enemy yet in this second, action-packed installment of the Footnail series.

Merlin's Revelation - Book 3

For the first time in his life, Myrddin was powerless.

With the sword in their possession, Gen and the team assumed they were unstoppable. But a new human enemy, drunk with the thirst for power has procured something that can make magic obsolete. And with it, he will rule the world.

Their only hope to stop him is to destroy the ancient and revered artifact that could make his domination permanent.
But do they have the courage to do what needs to be done?

The rules of right and wrong go head-to-head with the question of the greater good in this thrilling third installment of the Footnail series.

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Meet the Characters

  • Genesis Isherwood
  • Myrddin/Merlin
  • Theo Cuttaham
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Atticus
  • Lucilius
  • Remus
  • Calisto
  • Empress Helena

Genesis Isherwood

A young woman in her mid- twenties who gets chosen to be the next nail bearer in a war that has existed for thousands of years. She is strong-willed and independent but believes in what is right and fair. She likes the quiet life of the rural town.

Meet the Team at Footnail Press

Howard Haugom

Howard lives in Vancouver BC with his wife, Fiona and his twin daughters, Maggie and Mollie. Over the years, he has done a myriad of things—been an inventor, an academic, an entrepreneur, an economist and a consultant, to mention a few.

Donning his economist’s hat, he has thought long and hard about the world’s main social issue-income inequality; its negative impact on the world and the possible consequences of not dealing with it sooner than later. To contribute his own quota of materials curated for the avid reader, he decided to write novels about a better and more compassionate humanity.

Akorede Adekoya

Akorede is a passionate writer and a global health enthusiast based in Toronto, Canada. When he’s not writing, he’s busy reading. He holds a Masters degree from McMaster University. He’s happy his path crossed with Howard’s and together they can make humanity more compassionate through this Footnail series!

"From the start, I really enjoyed the whole idea/plot Howard created, and his vision about changing the world through the ideas in the books was also very inspiring. I've read many novel plots, but this was unique and different, a narrative that revolves around ancient artifacts impacting our world, and there is no more impactful artifact than the nails used for crucifixion. Those nails are powerful symbols. It can not be argued that this crucifixion changed the entire world’s narrative forever, in countless ways.  I am glad we've collaborated to bring this amazing storyline to life."

Our team of intrepid and inspired book lovers also includes:

Fiona Haugom: Project manager extraordinaire

Susan Graigher: Editor

Mairead Beeson: Fiction editor

Denis Caron: Book marketing and web design

Liz Poder: Blurb Writer

Maggie and Mollie Haugom: Inspirational creative assistants

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